BAF Financial Burial Society 

Guarantted financial benefit for final expenses

The plan was created to help civic groups in assisting their members during the inevitable such as death. As an affinity group, your members will receive this financial benefits to assist with the high costs of burial. This plan can be issued to members ages – 15 – 75 years.

Groups that qualify include:

  • Churches
  • Lodge/fraternity
  • Unions
  • Club Membership
How it works

Members receive graded beenfits according to the schedule below: 

  • The maximum cover amount is $10,000 for members over 70 years old, with a graded benefit as follows:
  • If a member dies in 1st year, premiums received will be refunded
  • If a member dies in 2nd year, 10%of the cover amount will be paid,
  • If a member dies in 3rd year, 20% of the cover amount will be paid,
  • If the member dies in 4th year 50% of the cover amount will be paid
  • The cover amount will be reduced to 50% after members turn 80 years old.  Thereafter members are covered if they continue paying there premiums.

Waiting Period

A waiting period of 6 months will apply from the effective date, during which time only death via accidental death will be payable.  If death occurs other than by accident, only the premium will be refunded.

Affordable Premiums
  • Premiums are $5.00 per $5,000 of coverage
  • Group discounts for more than 200 members
  • Guaranteed Premium rates for 3 months






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